Phoebes Claim the Barn

Well, we have a pair of Eastern Phoebes nesting in the barn.  I didn’t notice an active nest in there last year which is odd because I often saw phoebes close by.  They are always good to have around the yard, are very common birds and are tolerant of humans.  I’ve seen them in many places, especially near water.  They quickly built a nest just over one of the end doors of the barn on a truss and the female must be sitting on eggs.  The nest should be safe in that spot and we are giving the parents a wide berth until they become more used to our presence.

When I peeked around a corner yesterday to peer at the nest from a short distance away, the female flew outside but quickly returned when she saw me walk out another door.  Now that door must be kept open so they don’t freak and leave the nest.  It is their responsibility then to make sure no one enters the barn who is not invited.  😀

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