A Tomato Story

The other night I happened to catch a news story about farm workers in Florida.  The story wasn’t focused on what I am going to write now.  The story was about the workers joining together to get better pay. They were successful.  What concerned me was the acres and acres of tomatoes which are picked while still green.

Edgar Cayce wrote that tomatoes were one of the most healthful foods to eat — vine-ripened tomatoes that is — not tomatoes which are picked green and then artificially ripened.

I buy vine-ripened tomatoes which come from Maine.  They may not be optimal tomatoes but I think they are an improvement over what I saw on that program.  Tomatoes are cleansing and I do eat them out of season at times.

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2 Responses to A Tomato Story

  1. pollyann says:

    Thank you, Burton, for the very informative reply.

    Apparently, the slave trade on this planet, no matter what the trade, continues to thrive. It’s mind boggling.

    I wonder what those original tomatoes looked and tasted like.

  2. Burton Dale says:

    The problem still goes on with slave workers in South Florida trying to make a living wage and from what I am told in some cases being chained at night or locked in. I appreciate your remarks as well regarding Edgar Cacye. Our family was the first white family in the New World and my 3G Aunt, Eliza Locas Pinckney, got the seeds from Indians in Antigua through her father, Col. Lucas. She gave some seeds as well to Thomas Jefferson. To this day most think he brought tomatoes from Italy, but he took tomatoes to Italy. Burton Dale, oceanwiser@peoplepc.com

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