Good for Business

This has happened so many times that I’ve lost count and now it makes me laugh.  My buddy and I will go into a store and if there is hardly anyone there, within minutes customers start coming in and buying stuff.  It happened again today.  We have our establishments which we frequent and this was one of them.  I wonder what would happen if we opened a diner.  Would people come?

This has also occurred many times when I was alone and went into a nearly empty store.  All of a sudden the store was not so empty anymore and business had picked up noticably.

Speaking of good for business we passed by a Harley Davidson store today which is close by the store we visited.  They were having a huge, free shindig outside catered by one of our favorite farms, Outlook Farm, and the place was mobbed.  Lots of hungry bikers had shown up as well as people who drove cars.  We could see as we passed by the folks from Outlook Farm had roasted at least one pig.  I’m happy the farm is doing good business.

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