The Living Sky

Last Sunday we were at Outlook Farm on top of the mountain, sitting at a picnic table, eating lunch and listening to some down home music being performed by local folks who play there every Sunday afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day.

My buddy pointed to the sky and said, “Look!  Can you see that bird way up there?  I think it is an eagle.”  Well, the bird was so high up it was hard to locate it but yes, it appeared to be an eagle spiraling upward higher and higher on the warm thermal currents.  It was just a speck but when the sun hit it just right the head area appeared white.  Oh, how I envied that bird in flight.  And with its razor sharp eyesight, it could scan the terrain below.  I watched it for a long time until it was beyond my sight.  Come to find out, my buddy and I were looking at different birds so there must have been a pair up there.  Lol!

Aside from this, as I was gazing at the sky, I saw this etheric ball of energy zipping around near me  This was cool.  My peripheral vision picked it up as I was looking for the eagle.  It seemed the atmosphere was alive with activity that day.

Sometimes when I look at a blue sky I lose my sense of depth perception.  It seems there is no linear space and that the sense of depth is a deception.  I half expect the sky screen to peel away and I will be able to truly see what is there.

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