As the Moon Wanes, the World Churns

The waning moon pulls up the darkness in people — the shadow.  This happens like clockwork every time the moon is full and then wanes.  It not only pulls up individual shadow material but also the shadow of a group or a town or a nation.  Individuals, groups, towns or nations can be knocked on their behinds with the force of the shadow rising into consciousness. 

The only way the shadow material can be transformed is if it comes into conscious awareness and is processed.  This shadow material can be extremely destructive and will try to destroy the person, group, town or nation owning it, depending on how volatile it is, how long it has been suppressed or repressed and what its nature is.  It must be handled with as much care as possible.  It is no easy feat to grapple with some of this energy without being harmed in some way when the waning moon pulls it upward and outward.

The dark of the moon can make one feel extremely depressed, hopeless, suicidal, symptomatic, etc.  I don’t think hardly anyone is paying attention to the cycles they experience and what is behind them so I guess I will continue to write reminders.

(4 -17 – 07 Note:  I am feeling a bit creeped out because I wrote this only 2 days before the Virginia Tech mass murder event.)

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