Reversed Speech – The Subconscious Speaks

I became very interested in Reverse (or Reversed) Speech last year which is the science of playing speech backwards and slowing it down to hear words coming from the subconscious mind of the speaker.  The subconscious doesn’t lie and will reveal the true thoughts, motives and feelings of a person in reversed speech.  Beware!  The lower levels of the subconscious mind have been referred to as the sewer of the mind so what is revealed in reversed speech can be very disconcerting, especially if it’s your own subconscious you are tapping into and you are not consciously acquainted with your total nature.  In psychology, the term shadow is used to describe the hidden, repressed nature of people which has not been transformed as of yet.

I’ve been closely following the website of Ken Welch recently who has been listening to and reversing speeches made by top members of our government for quite some time.  His findings are fascinating in my opinion though the reader who is unaware of the darker nature of our shared physical reality may find his material very disturbing and unbelievable.

If you do not understand what reversed speech is then this explanatory page by Ken should be helpful:

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