Disaster Dreams

Speaking of dreams, so many people who have disaster dreams think these dreams are prophetic and all hell is about to break loose in physical reality.  Hasn’t anyone thought that many of these dreams are a chance for the soul to experience a disaster in the dream state without having to experience it in physical reality?  Isn’t that a bit safer and less traumatic way of having the experience?

Then there is the possibility people are being manipulated to have these kinds of dreams on a regular basis.

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2 Responses to Disaster Dreams

  1. pollyann says:

    Janet, I would be very interested to see what you find out. Do you have any sense as to why you are having so many of these dreams?

  2. I have been having these quite regularly and will have to start recording them to see if there is a pattern. Most are weather related but not all. I am never frightened am always safe during them and I always wake up feeling calm. It iss very strange. I would say thet they started within the last 6 months.As far as being caused in some way to have them it is possible.Whether the source is terrestrial or not is also in question.

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