April Snow

We might have snow here Thursday night.  Eww.  Spring fertilizer.  I have been told it is good to put lime on the lawn before a spring snow. 

In April of 2005 we had a nor’easter.  The snow was heavy and wet and the plows were out all night.  It was miserable and I remember feeling so irritated as I went for a walk that evening because we were having such a large amount of snow in the month of April.  It was raw, windy and cold and I cursed the snow.  🙂  I can recall two other blizzards in April but there was likely more than that.

Note: I was just reading today (4-10) this April is the coldest so far in 113 years and last April was the warmest on record.  Oh!  Another thing I read today is spring is late because Mercury is 20 days late entering Aires this year, astrologically speaking.  That’s interesting.

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