“High Clouds”

I’ve noticed one of the local weathermen has taken to calling the chemtrail (contrail) cover expected for the day as high clouds.  He might say, “It will be sunny tomorrow with high clouds moving in.”  Well, sure enough, I can watch the planes spread the light cloud cover high up in the sky the next day.

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2 Responses to “High Clouds”

  1. pollyann says:

    Hi Janet, I often wonder if the people who do not notice the chemtrails even if someone points them out are actual, real people. I am sorry to say that but that is what I wonder. I, too, have wondered about weather forecasters. I think some of them, at least, do know but are not allowed to talk if they want to keep their careers.

    Have you ever seen Scott’s website?


    Sometimes his site is not accessible, like this moment, but keep trying if you cannot access it.

  2. This happens most days here in the Midwest. The morning is clear and before you know it the planes begin to spray and the thick lines hang like heavy curtains before the entire sky is covered with a thin haze. It is a farming area but when I point the phenomenon out to my friends and aquaintances most of whom have a farming background and who you would expect to be looking up they do not seem to understand what I am talking about! I make sure to stay indoors as much as possible now because I hate to think what is falling from the skies! When the clouds start looking like iron filings on paper with a magnet under them that is really scary! The weather man shows the time lapse on obviously engineered clouds and calls them high cirrus! Do you really think that he believes what he is saying?

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