Health Obsession

We have turned into a species which is obsessed with health.  It’s very strange to me that this has become so.  I know I used to spend a lot of money on so-called health remedies.  Now I am much more conservative and judicious in that regard.  If people refuse to take prescription meds or OTC meds they turn to herbs, supplements, homeopathics and other remedies.  The thing is, it seems like most of us are ALWAYS taking something these days, or many somethings.  We diagnose ourselves and each other and then find a substance to try to heal what we think is wrong.  There is always some new or old concoction being promoted to use for this or that body ailment or condition.

I saw a regular MD back in 2001 in a small town who was very interested in what herbs I was using.  He kept pressing me to tell him when I displayed reluctance.  Perhaps he was trying to gain my acceptance and nudge me to open up more with him, private person that I can be.  I thought it very interesting that he was interested in my herbal use.  I had not been to a traditional MD in a very long time and was not used to being asked about what herbs I used by someone of that medical stature.  I guess I was surprised.

We worry about our health and well-being and spend billions on trying to perfect it or stave off ill health.  It sounds like a Virgo issue to me.  Huge profits are being gained in traditional medicine and wholistic medicine because of promoted health fears and actual health problems.  What happened to our body’s natural ability to heal itself?

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2 Responses to Health Obsession

  1. pollyann says:

    Jan, I feel this intense, unnatural energy bombardment sometimes which translates into — we are all supposed to be sick, disease ridden, symptomatic and distressed about our health and we’d better stock up on piles and piles of remedies and make tons of appointments with health care people. It’s heavy.

    Me, being me, I say to myself, “Get this wet blanket of obsessive health concern off of me!” It’s artificially induced and I don’t like wearing it.

  2. You are absolutely correct. If we knew how to boost our immune systems naturally we would not get sick in the first place.Some are able to do this but most of us can’t. I do think though that in the present environment this is more difficult as our immune systems are much more stressed than they would have been say 200 years ago. We simply have not had time to evolve quickly enough to deal with it all!Be thankful that your physician asked whether you were taking herbals because sometimes there are interactions such as if you take a mainstream medicine for Alzheimer’s and are also taking Gingko. The combination can make you bleed easier and can cause problems with surgeries etc.The ads for medicines on television should be banned and yes I am sure that the medical- type shows are thinly veiled attempts trying to get us to ask our doctors for the new” improved” and not generic[which is cheaper and generally just as good] versions of drugs that often we don’t need and that can also sometimes make us sicker than we were in the first place.The answer is to go inside, meditate on the perfect body that we have been given and that is wise and perfectly able to heal itself.Having said that I am not there yet!Helpful thoughts are to be found in the Tibetan Art of Positive Thnking which is a wonderful bookand which I keep close at all times.

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