Unexplained Surface Wounds

I am including this in my Dreams section because it happened while I was supposedly sleeping.  One morning last week I woke up and soon after noticed the knuckles on my left hand were raw and somewhat bloody.  Two mornings later I woke up and as I was about to shower I noticed there were bloody scratches on the top side of both arms, just above the wrists.  Hmm.

There are no logical explanations for these body marks that I can ascertain.  I told my buddy he was not doing his job of protecting me at night.  :-D

Note: 6/22/13 – This page has so many replies on it, it doesn’t want to load up instantly on my PC and freezes up for a few moments.

275 Responses to “Unexplained Surface Wounds”

  1. sps Says:

    Dawn I also get random bruises appear, mostly on my legs with no explanation where they came from.

  2. sps Says:

    This is the first time I have read this thread… I was looking for answers after being scratched in the bathroom last night whilst getting ready for bed. I felt the burning sensation on the back of my neck, and when I asked my partner to take a look he said you have 3 scratches and they were not there before. This is the first time this has happened to me.

  3. pollyann Says:

    Dawn, If I were you I would find a skilled, reputable, and I mean reputable, clairvoyant person who can actually see what is the cause. I don’t give out names of reputable clairvoyants I know but there are many on the planet. Western medicine is not going to be able to tell anyone what is behind this kind of thing which has been occurring to so many people.

  4. dawn Says:

    i jusst recently moved into a new place. I went to take a bath the other night and noticed like 6 brusies on my inner leg {so not somewhere i would bump it on something}. I started to look and i have 13 new brusies on my body. as i was getting out of the shower my boyfriend noticed scrates al down my back. Any ideas whet could be the cause?

  5. Chris Says:

    Over the past couple months I’ve found weird scratches, and some I even think are close enough to cuts considering they scabbed over, on my arms and legs at random times, the most recent being on my left arm. Anyone have any ideas, or experience anything similar? I’m kinda freaking out, considering that my girlfriend suggested an exorcism.

  6. INI Says:

    Hey everyone! I am experience the same phenomenon! 3 scratches on my arms, chest etc. Sometimes it happens during the night, others when I am awake (i feel the burn..) I refused to believe that it is a paranormal activity! Why me and not someone else? Have you ever thought that It might be an allergic reaction of our bodies? The truth is that I am a little bit scared. This phenomenon occurs all over the world, for instant I am from Greece.

  7. pollyann Says:

    I forgot to say — Thanks, Salty!! There’s a lot of weird happenings going on, more and more.

  8. Salty Says:

    Hi Polly,

    I ckecked in to see what’s up at JK’s site and I thought you, or your readers of this thread might be interested in this. It’s about waking up with an injury, etc.

    Info from ‘Ground Contingents’
    eileen rose ~ September 27, 2013 at 1:13 am
    Reply by John Kettler ~ September 27, 2013 at 6:11pm John Kettler

  9. pollyann Says:

    DKnighten, have there been any repeat occurrences since that night??

  10. DKnighten23 Says:

    Last night at my job, my fiance was grabbing her laptop when her back started burning really bad. My co-worker was right behind her and checked her back. She had 5 long scratches on her back. When we got home, she had three more on her side with some bruises and two on her leg.

  11. pollyann Says:

    That sucks, Salty!! If it really is a needle mark then it’s all the more reason why I am angry that we HAVE to sleep and are so vulnerable when we sleep.

  12. Salty Says:

    Yesterday morning July 17 I got out of bed and took a step, the tip of my big toe hurt with a pokey stinging feeling.
    I couldn’t see anything so I got out the magnifying glass and there was a very small red spot like a needle mark.
    It’s not excruciatingly painful but it still hurts with every step I take.

  13. pollyann Says:

    Thanks for the photo, Mason!! Yikes!! Did you know anything about this phenomena before it happened??

  14. Mason Says:

    I have three at the base of my neck right above my back, they themselves aren’t deep and they don’t hurt but under the skin the whole area feels like it was bludgeoned. I just have no idea how and this is the first time it has happened.


  15. pollyann Says:

    James, your link works and I thank you for sharing. :-) A few others have shared photos in this thread. I still say after reading all of the replies to my original post that this phenomena is originating (at least mostly) from the astral realm or another dimension. I’m sorry if that is difficult for some people to consider but there it is. :-)

  16. James Says:

    Mine only appear in the center of my back, and that’s not exactly a spot I can reach easily. Don’t know if I can put a link here but I’m gonna try so you can see what I’m talking about. My fingernails are super short so I couldn’t scratch much of anything if I wanted to, and I don’t let any pets sleep in the bedroom. The only thing though is that I don’t feel them, I just see them when I’m getting dressed in the morning, maybe once a week or two? I can’t help but wonder if maybe we all have something in common that could be causing this.. Anyways, here’s how mine look: http://imgur.com/a/fIgtq#4egLaeO

  17. Aron Abel Says:

    my experience leads me to your blog. I was just making a research about this kind of experience. really I hate it when I woke up realizing I had wounds on my legs I don’t know where it came from, like the night before I don’t have any wounds then recently when I woke up I was surprise to find some. this occurred to me a lot of times, at first I was just ignoring it but now I decided to find an answer. I can’t say if this is really supernatural

  18. internationalpictures Says:

    Hi Guys, After reading all your replies, I wanted to mention our problem. I get three parallel scratches on my arm and back. I can be sat at my computer, in the bathroom, anywhere really. I get the burning sensation first and then the scratches appear. It’s happened twice now the first time I was getting ready for bed and felt the burning pain on both my arm and leg. A bit freaked out as to why I am getting these scratches. It’s happening whilst I’m going about my daily routine. Can anyone help us understand what is going on here?.

  19. Courtney Says:

    Ahh, sorry. Last post was from me. My name is Courtney. Didn’t realize there was a place to put my name!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there,

    I just experienced having scratches after waking up for the first time last night. I woke up in the morning and walked to work. I thought I had chaffing between my legs just under my private area. It was annoying me all day so I got home and went to put some cream on the area. I was shocked to see 4 long, red scratches. I was scared and had no idea what it was from. I went and showed my boyfriend and he said I probably just scratched myself too hard that night. I said I have never scratched myself hard enough to leave marks but I agreed and figured it was just from scratching too hard. Later on I found more scratch marks. 3 scratch marks between my breasts, on my upper butt and my back. At this point I was really scared. Still not sure what to think about it. I remembered not long ago, I had a terrible nightmare that night. I don’t remember much of it other than it was a very violent nightmare. Soo, I hope this was the reason for the scratch marks. Kind of hoping thats what it was from. Reading everyone else’s posts kind of scare me though! Its great to hear I’m not alone.

  21. pollyann Says:

    For anyone still experiencing this phenomena, please try this: state out loud your intent to neutralize the source of this interference and that it no longer effect you. Expect your intent to work.

  22. pollyann Says:

    That’s interesting, Ryllarn. There might be one person in this whole thread that I knew before I started the thread and was I ever surprised when so many people eventually began posting in it. I see the search words people have used and then ended up here. Most, I would gather, never even heard of this kind of thing until it happened to them. Thus, they went searching on the Internet.

  23. Ryllarn Says:

    The whole scratches after the reading the forum question was mostly because so far I’ve noticed that many of these people are gaining the scratches by association with the person or problem.

  24. pollyann Says:

    Hi Ryllarn, I am truly sorry you cannot play hooky from school. :-) My response is that there is a spiritual war going on, souls are being harvested by the forces of darkness and humans in bodies are being targeted from the other side of the veil. Atheist or not, these are the reality. I have the same synchronicities you mentioned happen to me all of the time. I credit this to the artificial matrix. I do not put a lot of trust in synchronicities. You sound very intelligent for a 16-year-old and you write very well. I hope you don’t mind me saying so. I don’t know of anyone getting scratches after reading this thread.

  25. Ryllarn Says:

    Just thought of something. Has anyone STARTED getting scratches AFTER reading this blog?

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