Stranded Dolphins

The dolphins in this Long Island cove near East Hampton, NY are reported to be common and white-sided dolphins.

Stranded dolphins always have a message for us.  In my opinion they are way too intelligent to allow themselves to be stranded accidentally.

More stranded dolphins in Boston Harbor!  If they were disoriented there is a reason!  Were there any navy ships along these areas recently?  Or was the earth’s geomagnetic field out of kilter?

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2 Responses to Stranded Dolphins

  1. pollyann says:

    Janet, yes, many people have noticed magnetic north is on the move. This has been documented since the 1800’s from what I have read. I agree the earth is changing and I did read about the Komodo dragons. There are many dramatic changes happening.

  2. I think the earth is changing. I took my compass out and the magnetic north seems to be ‘more East’ than it used to be. Has anyone else noticed this? Also did you hear about the Komodo dragons in captivity in England that are starting to have babies through parthenogenesis? It is so interesting.

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