Exciting New Images of Comet McNaught!

For January 11, 2007, courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

Keep ’em coming!  😀  We know you can’t always update regularly.

The tail looks a bit like a feather, don’t you think?


http://ares.nrl.navy.mil/sungrazer/index.php?p=latest_news  (Damn!  The link is dead now.)

An excerpt:

“This image (click for larger version) from the SECCHI/HI-1B instrument on the NASA STEREO-B (Behind) spacecraft was taken on January 11, 2007 just after the door covering the instrument was opened for the first time after the STEREO launch on October 26, 2006… “

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3 Responses to Exciting New Images of Comet McNaught!

  1. I have never seen them. I am originally from England but now live in Nebraska. I guess it will have to be a powerful storm for us to see anything here.Best wishes, Jan.

  2. pollyann says:

    Janet, I check the Space Weather website every day and saw it. It sure is dazzling! I’ve seen auroras once and that was in 2002. They are not common here in the Northeast.

  3. Just as an aside there is a beautiful photo on spaceweather .com today of the comet and the Southern lights as a background. I thought you might like to see it.@-1-07

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