Health Warning Issued for Solar Activity!

I found this link In the Reading Room at the Rumor Mill News Agency, one of my links.  There could be major geomagnetic storming this weekend from solar bursts not recorded this strong in 30 years.  A health warning has been issued!

Since I often mention on this weblog that geomagnetic disturbances are preceeded with chemtrail activity, in my area at least, I’ll be watching to see if they coat the skies again before this solar activity affects the earth.  I have so many questions and suspicions.  😀

One silly question might be, do geomagnetic disturbances which would also disturb individual human magnetic fields make it easier for whatever is in the chemtrails to more easily enter the human body once they fall towards the earth’s surface?

Late Wednesday night the skies were coated for the incoming geomagnetic storming we had yesterday which is subsiding today.  Right now the skies here are partly overcast with some sun.  The icy wind is very brisk so the clouds are moving fast across the sky.  These are not what I would call normal clouds for the most part.

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