A Not So Innocent Side Trip

Here’s a weird story.  We were out this afternoon buying some sunflower seed for the birds and looking at high priced, squirrel-proof bird feeders for a possible birthday present.  When we were about to leave the parking lot of the second store we visited my buddy asked me if I wanted to go to Walmart.  (Oh, Lord.  Groan.)  I know he asked me this because I had been thinking if there was too much traffic to pull out of this parking lot and take a left across two lanes of Saturday traffic we could take a right and turn around in the Walmart parking lot down the road a bit.  Walmart has traffic lights at their entrance, of course.  I really didn’t want to go to Walmart but see how telepathic he is?  And, he doesn’t know it.

I said okay, what the heck.  There is a small entrance/exit door at one end of the Walmart store which one can never park near but this time we found a space.  Lucky us.  Most people use the main entrance.  They have two cash registers at this entrance/exit.  We wandered around the store for a while (oh, joy) and decided to leave after I picked up a few small items.  Naturally we went to the cashier by the door we came in through in order to avoid the usual long lines near the main entrance cash registers.  This was nice, I thought.  No one was in line at one of the cashier stations.

Well, the cashier was gabby and rang up one of my items twice.  I was distracted by what she was talking about and knew the sales total was too high but paid it anyway since my mind was pulled in two different directions at once.  Was I in a Walmart trance, acting like a robot and not able to process two separate trains of thought at the same time?  Did the cashier have me under a spell?  I walked out of the store and then my mind was able to focus on the sales slip because I knew I paid too much for what I bought.

I went back in the store and showed her that she had rung up one of my items twice.  She told me I would have to go to Customer Service to receive my refund.  Where is Customer Service?  At the opposite end of the store from where we had entered!  So much for saving time and feeling like we had beat the rush.  I walked to the other end of the store and waited my turn at the customer service desk.  I didn’t have to wait long.

The lady refunded my money and guess how much she gave me back?  Six dollars and 66 cents.  All of that so that silly number would be shown to me.  I’m still rolling my eyes.

Do you see how a series of seemingly innocuous, mundane events (a very boring account of my shopping trip in other words) brings one to a “concluding” scenario which is not so innocuous afterall?  There are no coincidences.

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4 Responses to A Not So Innocent Side Trip

  1. pollyann says:

    Ahh. Now I see what you meant. Well, using a product I bought at WalMart to make something good and which changes WalMart’s frequency gives me satisfaction. 🙂 So, take that WalMart! lol! Thanks, Janet.

  2. I meant that 666 was a sign that your money would have been spent more wisely in a kinder location.

  3. pollyann says:

    Janet, that is an interesting perspective about 666. It’s the first time I have read that one. The money I spent was on an item I used in a good way.

    I generally avoid WalMart stores but do occasionally visit one. I know what you mean though!

  4. 666 is a definite sign that money is being spent unwisely. I avoid places like that like the plague. I worry about mind control.

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