Seeking Solace in the Pines

The earth is in a solar wind stream today and I feel very tired.  This time there are no accompanying chemtrails but I did see flashes of square shapes on the local radar map last night,  though not over my area.  Also, there were very aggressive, disturbing energies hitting my own energy field and I did not sleep much.  I felt too wound up and mentally stimulated in an unpleasant way to relax.

I just came back from a walk through the pine woods out back to visit a specific pine and a fighter jet of some sort made a very low circular pass almost overhead as I was returning and about to leave the woods.  That plane was low!  The pilot could have easily seen me as I was emerging into a clearing.

I love the pine woods.  I love the pine needle carpet on the ground, the aroma of pine and listening to the wind pass through the tree branches.  How many millions of people have stated the same?  There is a mysterious darkness in these woods from lack of sunlight making it through the canopy above which comforts instead of bringing unease.  It’s lovely in the summer.  I sense secrets in the pine woods, secrets kept by the pine trees.  And oh, I would still love a mattress stuffed with pine needles.

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