For the Love of Beluga Whales

I fell in love today.  I fell in love with three Beluga whales — a male and two females.  All three are 25 years of age and they are the most lovely of creatures with their creamy white skin and intelligent eyes.  We went to an aquarium near the shore and I was anticipating communing with these whales and perhaps some dolphins as well for over a month.  They no longer have dolphins at this facility, which I saw many years ago, because their pool was not large enough to keep them in a healthy state of being.

I had a long, silent conversation with the male Beluga and boosted him the most.  He made lots of eye contact with me when turning around in his pool under me to continue his repetitive swim routine back and forth the length of the tank.  While I was watching him, I felt the best I have in days.  I kept wanting to dive into the pool.  😀

I boosted many of the other sea beings there but spent the most time watching the whales.  I have mixed feelings about captive cetaceans but they do act as goodwill ambassadors since many people who might never see them in their lifetimes have the opportunity to marvel at their uniqueness.

The male has lived at this particular aquarium for 7 years and was brought in to breed with the females but so far that has not happened.  With money in hand I would expand the Beluga area to give them more room to roam.

It’s funny that they have been trained to perform various tasks and games and their trainers treat them like small children in how they interact with and feed them.  Who are actually the children?  Us or them?

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2 Responses to For the Love of Beluga Whales

  1. pollyann says:

    Oh, cool! I loved looking into their eyes. I could see such intelligence.

  2. A beluga lover also! says:

    OMG! I love belugas too! When I was little I went to sea world and saw one! At that momment I knew they were my favorite animals! I got a Beluga whale stuffed animal, and slep with it every day. But a few months after that, we went to Costco, and I lost it! I was so sad, and I am still searching for it to this day! lol!

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