Food for Life?

What kind of life is our food now giving us?  The food supply is in need of radical healing.  If I come across one more article about the way food is continuously being compromised I shall scream.  It doesn’t do me any good to read those kinds of articles.  I know I, for one, have lost interest in food.  I feel damned if I do eat and I know I will be damned if I don’t eat.  How many detrimental thought forms are being beamed across the planet concerning food?

I look at the food in the grocery store, I look at the food I now begrudgingly cook and prepare, I look at the food I am about to put in my mouth and all I think about is what was done to it and what was added to it before it reached me.  Even good organic food no longer appeals as it did because it is subjected to many of the same compromises.  This is not a good attitude.

I have never been one of those who lives to eat but I must eat so I am now on a personal food healing mission in the energetic sense.

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2 Responses to Food for Life?

  1. pollyann says:

    Good thoughts, Janet. I really pay attention to what I am eating. I study the food I eat.

  2. Polly Ann, You could try to bless the food before you eat it and thank it for giving you life and healing energy.That should help to repel any negative energies. I read a book recently called the Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking. It has all kinds of interesting and protective tips in it.It is written by Christopher Hansard and is a wonderful companion for the days when you think you can’t deal with any more!

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