Don’t Mess With Our Garden!

Yesterday I read on a forum someone’s comments from New England about their garden tomatoes and how they did not ripen properly inside, were quickly prone to rot spots and did not have the rich taste which is expected of home grown tomatoes.  These are the problems our tomatoes had.  The person also stated farmers in the area were experiencing the same.

A local gardening TV show a while back told of a blight attacking gardens because of the heavy rains we had in May and June.  Even my zinnia leaves and sunflower leaves had this blight though the zinnia leaves and flowers seemed to shake it off nicely.

Now I am reading in the news today how pumpkins from the Midwest to New England are developing fungus and rotting from the inside out because of record rains and high temps. in August.  Some people may not find the pumpkins they want because of low yields.  It’s hard to imagine not having an overabundance of pumpkins for sale from the local farmers around here.  We still have many family farms in the area.

There is something very sacred about one’s garden. 

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