Here Come the Chemtrail Clouds

The chemtrails are being spread here ahead of a storm system coming this way from the west and is due to arrive tonight or tomorrow.  What was a very sunny day this morning is now almost completely blotted out.  I can see a bunch of planes in the sky spreading that wonderful goo.  Oh, joy! 

And, the geomagnetic field is reportedly unsettled but I don’t see a report about an upcoming geomagnetic storm.  I had been wondering if chemtrails were being spread right before geomagnetic storms for some reason so I will be watching to see if a sudden geomagnetic storm is reported today or tomorrow.

I wish I could better understand this whole thing because I think the protocol for chemtrail dispersal changed a while back.

Note:  Yep, here is the next day geomagnetic storm, so in this instance the chemtrails were being spread ahead of the geomagnetic storm, as I thought. 

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