A Beetle Helps With Clean-Up

I put Otie, the Boston Terrier, on the porch because I was going to give the cockatiels a shower in the bath tub and he acts freaky when anyone tends to the birds.  I think he wants to make sure they don’t attack because they are rather cranky about any hands coming near their cages.  Anytime his owner spoke in an emotional voice about something over the years (in this case the birds), Otie was imprinted to act in an excited manner the next time the situation arose.  This means Otie becomes excited about many situations.  Another example is do not let something boil over on the stove when Otie is here!  😀

While Otie was on the porch he left a deposit because I had not taken him out for his morning run yet and he could not wait.  Later I was outside filling a watering can by the porch and this big, bright beetle comes zooming around me, his bright colors flashing in the sun.  He is irridescent green and copper and round in shape.  After refilling the bird bath I walked up onto the porch and there is the beetle pushing one of Otie’s deposits off of the porch.  Of course I had to watch.

He proceeded to roll it down the steps and onto a mat that is at the bottom of the steps.  Then he goes in search of the ground, leaving his prize behind.  I checked a while later and he had pushed the deposit off of the mat and was underneath it digging a hole in the ground next to the mat.  He is going to bury it so I guess I won’t have to.  😀

As he was deepening the hole underneath his prize another one of these beetles appears and steals part of the first beetle’s food supply and is rolling it across the mat in the other direction.  Right now, the second beetle must be searching for a spot to dig a hole because he has abandoned his part of Otie’s deposit.  The first beetle is almost done burying his cache.  That was quick!

I don’t know what kind of beetles they are; they are not in the insect book I have.  Perhaps I can find them on the Internet later.

It’s later and it is a Rainbow Scarab, a type of dung beetle.  I don’t know why my insect book does not list dung beetles.  It’s quite attractive in person as far as beetles go.


Isn’t my life exciting?

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One Response to A Beetle Helps With Clean-Up

  1. pollyann says:

    Beetle people. Scarab worship. Ancient Egypt.

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