A Lull in Time

Thank God for AFLAC commercials or I might not find anything amusing right now!  😀 

Take a snapshot.  Summer is winding down ever so surely.  It’s good for those who thrive in cooler weather, not so great for those who like the expansive quality of the heat.  I actually find pleasures outdoors in all of the seasons but I wish I was one of those folks who could wear shorts all winter and not feel the cold when inside.

There is such a major energetic lull on the planet right now; more astrological alchemy.  It is hard to come up with motivation to fill it, for me anyway.  No doubt those who feel little are going about their business as usual and don’t have a clue.  It’s a good thing because we don’t need everyone on the planet sitting around in a daze at the same time.  😀 

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