Lost in a Brain Fog

Something very out of kilter happened and I don’t like it.  My buddy, upon returning yesterday from helping to put on a professional pyrotechnics show over the weekend became completely lost for hours.  This is a person who does not become lost for very long while driving, or walking in forests for that matter.  He has an uncanny sense of direction and physical placement which has amazed me many times over the years.  He can find stuff which someone else buried in the ground years ago in a place he has never visited.  Even the local police have asked him to find things now and then. 

He missed his exit off of a southbound turnpike to pick up another turnpike heading east and headed south for hours before he realized he was going in the wrong direction.  This is not like him!!!  I cannot fathom what was going on in his mind after asking him many questions about going in the wrong direction for so long.  😯  This incident makes me feel very uneasy because it just doesn’t make any sense.

I suppose I could write it off to the current Neptunian confusion but I’m not sure that is it. 

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