More Garden Harvest

The watermelon are starting to ripen.  I gave two away today; one to the folks on the hill and the other to the neighbors across the street.  I hope they taste good because if they don’t I will feel funny.  You know, I should have weighed them before I gave them away.  One was much heavier than the other.  We have not tried one yet, the next one I pick will be tasted here.  I have been knocking on them while still attached to the vine to see if they sound hollow inside since I guess that is the key to knowing if they are ripe or not.  There should be five more to pick, at least.  I could never eat that much watermelon.  I have to eat it sparingly because it has such a cleansing affect on my body.

My zinnias are so beautiful and I love their vibrant colors!  The gold finches have just about finished picking my sunflower heads clean.  They like the seeds fresh from the plant; no waiting around for seed from a bag for them.

(What is this horrible font?  Eww.  Something happened to change the font.) 

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4 Responses to More Garden Harvest

  1. pollyann says:

    Deceived by a couple of watermelons! That’s pretty low.

  2. pollyann says:

    Mary, So far no reports on how the watermelons taste. I haven’t seen any ambulances arrive at either house of the recipients. We might try one today. 😀  Well, we cut one open.  It’s not ripe so now I have good reason to feel embarrassed about giving two away before we tried one.  lol! 

  3. Mary says:

    MMMM……Watermelon!! 🙂

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