The Garden Speaks

Cooler air is finally blowing across this land and what a relief it is.  😀  The temperature has dropped dramatically.

The garden has been fruitful and not fruitful so far.  The tomatoes, carrots, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash and romaine lettuce are hanging in there but the spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, onions and red peppers are rather embarrassing.  😀

The lettuce is flowering now.  I don’t think I ever saw lettuce flower; the heads are always picked before this happens.  I was pulling leaves off for immediate use.  We had too much lettuce and not enough takers.  We offered.  We ate one of the white onions last night, tiny as it was, and it was good.  We put it on grilled bison burgers.  Some little creature has been attacking the onions.  The red peppers do well until they start to turn red.  I think the zucchini and yellow squash became confused as to who they were supposed to be though someone ate one of the zucchinis and said it was very good.

Funny, I have been more interested in observing, weeding and listening to the garden than actually harvesting it.  😀

Many of the blueberry bushes only partly flowered this year and we are hearing from other people in the area their bushes did the same.  We let the birds have the berries.  They really enjoyed them and had to contend with the bluebirds when the bluebirds were still nesting.  Some of the berries were sweet, some bitter.  I have no idea how the raspberry canes are doing because I have not been up on the hill to check them lately.  They start to fruit in late August or early September.

We have these incredible sand wasps which are rust colored in the front with black and white striped rears and they patrol the garden almost constantly.  The soil in this area is very sandy and diffilcult to build up with organic matter.  They dig huge tunnels for their size in the soil to lay their eggs.  These tunnels are the diameter a mouse would dig and have a runway leading to the hole.  I have yet to catch one in the act of digging.

I am amazed that after all of these years of turning organic matter into the garden soil it still remains as sandy as it is.  I don’t think I have come across one earth worm in the garden.  We put humus around the plants on two occasions but you’d never know it.  Any other organic matter I added quickly disappeared.  The plants just suck it right up.  The soil definitely needs more work.

I see more and more butterflies every day.  This is good.  I should have planted more zinnias than I did.  I had such a hard time planting the seeds in the spring.  They are so tiny.

I forgot about the broccoli.  It did okay but we kept waiting for the heads to grow larger and they never did so we ate what was still good.  It went to seed a while ago.  I was just out weeding and I can see that the soil in some places is much richer than I thought.  If I find an earth worm I will celebrate.

One other thing as I keep thinking of things to add to this post.  There is a low growing weed in the garden which has a wonderful aroma.  I don’t know what it is yet.  I need to see what kind of flowers it produces.  It’s probably one of those herbs which is put into capsules and charged megabucks for in a store.  😉

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