Ready, Weather or Not

Looks like we are in for some real heat this week.  It’s been a while since it reached 100 degrees but it is not out of the ordinary over time for my area.  The pool on the hill cools me off in about 15 minutes and the air conditioner can always be turned on if the grid holds.  It’s hot today but doesn’t feel bad yet.  It’s nice in the shade and the house is still cool from last night.  I could not believe how quickly it cooled down here last evening after the sun went behind the trees.  There was no cloud cover to hold the heat in.  I actually felt chilled after the 90+ degree heat during the day.

Food and fuel prices will continue to rise.  More and more crop failures from drought are being reported this year across the country.  So many are having to change their spending habits because of the cost of necessities.  Conserve, conserve, conserve!  Like it or not.  I’ve gone without so much in the last four years I guess I am used to it now. 

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