When You Cannot Escape Reality

It’s interesting reading what others write as everyone tries to process what is now going on in the world in their own way. 

We all have our own methods of putting spin on events in order to be able to tolerate as best we can the energies generated by these events until individually we find a way to transmute them.  There is a tendency to want to latch on to all kinds of thoughts and beliefs to hold oneself steady or to escape into whatever forms of escapism work at the time.

This time I am endeavoring not to put a spin on what is happening and trying to see things as they really are and not how I would like them to be. I am not even sure that is possible at this point because there are those who have worked hard to change our perceptions of reality. 

It’s not necessarily a fun place to be because what do we do without our illusions and escapisms?  Even so, I am hanging in there with this endeavor because it seems right to me at this time.

I am asking myself what really holds up during the worst of times.  What in me stays constant and true and unshakable?  What in me can be relied upon no matter what happens?  Obviously there is that which is called the Eternal Light within, the Divine Spark which never wavers.  That is not what I mean.  I am talking about the personality — the part that has to navigate the world.

There is much so called spiritual knowledge out there.  I find much of it to be useless when the rubber really meets the road.  It works well when things are going along fine but when faced with the ultimate horrors on this planet it often goes out the window.

Facing what is, without recoiling, seems to be a much needed commodity.

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