Carrying on Despite the Uncertainty

Sometimes the suspense gets to me concerning how things will actually turn out on this planet.  So many people incarnated during these times feeling they needed to do major things to change the direction this planet was headed in.  And, of course, all of this group was targeted and thwarted by those with a different, darker, more sinister agenda.  Despite this, we grow in strength and endurance.

So much that was once cherished has crumbled, so much that seemed so true has turned to dust, so much that appeared so promising fell apart yet here we are, still striving to do what we came here to do in our own unique, individual ways.  That internal, eternal light can never be extinguished or hidden beyond eventual reach.

I saw an almost completely albino doe a few weeks ago.  Her body was white except for her neck and head which were white and brown.  She watched us watching her through the trees and stayed to have her photo taken.  Come to find out she is six years old and barren.  She frequents the same area and the local residents in the forest are familiar with her.  We were quite taken with her appearance, an appearance I don’t fully undertand yet.

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