Unexplained Surface Wounds

I am including this in my Dreams section because it happened while I was supposedly sleeping.  One morning last week I woke up and soon after noticed the knuckles on my left hand were raw and somewhat bloody.  Two mornings later I woke up and as I was about to shower I noticed there were bloody scratches on the top side of both arms, just above the wrists.  Hmm.

There are no logical explanations for these body marks that I can ascertain.  I told my buddy he was not doing his job of protecting me at night.  :-D

Note: 6/22/13 – This page has so many replies on it, it doesn’t want to load up instantly on my PC and freezes up for a few moments.

277 Responses to “Unexplained Surface Wounds”

  1. pollyann Says:

    Nice post, Kay!! Thanks for your perspective. I’m sure orhers will appreciate it as well. :-)

  2. Kay Says:


    Today I woke @ 7:11 am to find three 1in razor thin parallel scratches directly below the knuckle at the base of my thumb. As with every one here I did not inflict these on myself. They are very thin and close to together.

    This does not conjure up fear, but more of a curiosity. I believe very strongly that the energies are changing rapidly. I have began my quest for spiritual enlightenment a little over a year ago. As I delve deeper and become closer to God the source things I cannot explain occur.

    For instance a few months back, I’d say April, actually as I think about it, it was very close to my twins first birthday. The pregnancy was very difficult physically and spiritually and I had them naturally (not intentionally) if felt as if I was being ripped apart and broken down… Anyway around April a small strange rash appeared on the left side of my neck. I went through all the medically possible routes, but came up empty. Since then it has grown as I have grown. If I feel negative or absorb negative energy it flares and itches, but when I’m in my usual positive loving state it does not bother me.

    Anyway sorry for the long post, but I just say that to say do not be afraid or worry. IF you think there are negative forces behind these strange scratches there will be negative forces. Keep an open mind, keep a journal and try to connect the dots. Keep positive loving thought and believe with all your heart that you are protected and covered by God the Source. As stated above these scratches do not conjure up feelings of fear. Who/what ever did it has my attention and I intend to be aware. I don’t know if this will help anyone, I just wanted to share my experience and send love to each and every one of you.

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