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I have looked at a vast amount of “alternative” material on the Internet over the last 15 years but even so I’m sure there is just as much I did not see. I know for fact a lot of material has been removed. I do not use any one website’s material or any one person’s material as a baseline, or yardstick, with which to judge, or evaluate, other ones. I guess one might say I am freelance. Haha! I have my own internal, intuitive mechanism which nudges me to look at or evaluate different websites or material for the sake of adding to my knowledge base about this planet and what is really going on.

What I do is, look for correlations between various material to discern trends, or where things may be headed, or what might be on the near-future menu for this planet. I’ve experienced time and time again that what is examined closely always changes. It no longer remains what it was or what it’s potential was. Because of this I think we, collectively, those of us paying attention and concerned, have mitigated many probable events.

Just because I post a link at my website (or anywhere else) does not mean I believe, or disbelieve, everything to be found at that website. I find value in all sorts of material and consider what is useful for me. I’m always looking at various details to add to my larger picture of what is happening in, on and off planet.

I am way beyond looking for truth at this point. I’m looking more at trends in upgrades of consciousness and spiritual understanding (while in the background the world continues to churn) than I am at mundane trends, though much of the former is not on my blog.

Billy Meier’s Latest Warning

Michael Horn, Billy Meier’s U.S. representative, was on C2C the other night and, as always, was an interesting guest.

Ptahh, Billy’s contact, lays the blame mostly at the feet of the EU for the crisis in Ukraine which is a switch from the usual — blame the U.S. solely for everything. (It’s like the IS terror. Look to some of the Arab countries and Arab individuals as to who is funding them, not just U.S. involvement.)


If one doesn’t know who Billy Meier is, it is worth the time to find out. He goes way back in the effort to warn the world.

“Boiling Sky” in Central Cambodia

A Rumor Mill News reader sent this to the website:


Wow!! I’d be a bit nervous if I saw that. I can just imagine how the electromagnetic frequency in the environment feels. Zing!

The Collective “We” Are Still Buying the Hoodwinks (Beheadings)

Images imprint very deeply into the unconscious mind… over and over. The unconscious doesn’t have discernment; it believes what it sees as true and real. The staged beheading videos are crude renditions yet the imagery is taken to be real. No, I have not looked at the videos. I do not need to.

Deeper and deeper layers of the collective unconscious keep surfacing and manifesting in physical reality as the evil we have been witnessing. If there is an end to these manifestations, these deeper layers, it remains to be seen.



CSI: How Can Doctored Digital Videos Be Considered ‘Evidence’ ?

If these two cases were murder cases in any police department in the world, both would be still be open cases. In these cases, all we have is: no body, no way to determine any time of death, no way to determine cause of death, no actual deaths depicted on camera, no murder weapon, no way to determine who the murderer might be (assuming murders took place), and no way to determine location of the murder. Nothing at all. Yes, when you strip all the politics and sensationalism away, it’s still an open case.

Note the very intense gaze on President Obama’s face in the first photo in the article. I wonder what he saw.

What must be reiterated is that these videos also likely served the purpose of triggering a number of people’s programs into activation mode; an example being of people leaving the U.S. to go fight for the Islamic State.

My Police Dept. As It Is Now

We don’t have the issues that cities or city suburbs have and we still have peace officers. I just want to give them a thumbs up.


Their Mission:

The Southwick Police Department
provides proactive and professional police service, in partnership with the community, which enhances the quality of life in The Town of Southwick.

We are committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of property; the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees. (Bold text is mine.]

We recognize our interdependent relationship with the community we serve and will remain sensitive to the community’s priorities and needs. [Bold text is mine.]

To fulfill our mission, we will emphasize the need for each officer to advance positive relations with our citizens through prompt, courteous, and professional service.

Me: Every town or city has a collective frequency which is comprised of the frequencies of the people who live there, frequencies coming into the area from the cosmos and below the surface, as well as the frequencies of what has occurred there historically.

Holy Smoke! Fire!!

There were some very explosive, dangerous energies afoot last night.

A young neighbor’s car exploded several times and burst into flames out in the parking lot around 1 AM. There were a lot of cops and firefighters plus an ambulance here for a long time.

A lunch and dinner restaurant in a neighboring town burst into flames last night. Partners. That place has been in operation for decades and is well-known in the area.

A woman in a nearby city set herself on fire just before 1 AM this morning. She has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 95% of her body.

Fire near Yellowstone. Wildfire in an Oregon city.

Another Plane Mishap!

Good Grief!!


There was one five days ago; the pilot was unconscious as determined by fighter jets that went up to look. That plane crashed into the Atlantic. Right before that was the fighter pilot from Westfield, MA taking an F-15 jet to LA for a radar upgrade and he crashed into the western Virginia mountains after radioing in that he was in trouble.

A Back Yard Visitor


A Chinese Mantid

Posting at WordPress and Unwanted Calls

I could almost swear that every time I post something new at my blog it kicks off a program somewhere and I will receive a couple of unsolicited, computer-generated phone calls on my land line and mobile phones. I never answer but it sure looks like there is a definite connection.

No, I did not secure my account by giving WordPress my phone numbers but that doesn’t mean anything in the online experience. Everything one does online or by phone is connected to one’s rapidly expanding “dossier.”

The Reality at the Texas Border (by Oath Keepers)

The ranchers down there are in big trouble as has been reported time and time again, and it’s growing worse. They are asking for help. As we know, the Border Patrol has their hands tied.


This is only a part of it:

“Rusty goes on to alert us to the threat of child abduction and attempted abduction, and tells us that the cartels sell kidnapped children into sex slavery and forced prostitution:

They steal kids. Literally, they steal kids. Depending on how good looking they are, they’re gonna start at $35,00.00 to $45,000.00 dollars per kid. Blond haired, blue eyed little boy, little girl, is anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000.00 dollars, depending on how old they are. The older they are, particularly for girls, the more the price goes up. There’s been some girls that have been missing here, for five years from Brownsville, they were stolen when they were thirteen. One of them was found in a whorehouse in Mexico City. Her parents bought her out [from the cartels]– they bought her out for a million-five.”

“Dispelling Wetiko” by Paul Levy

“Dispelling Wetiko, Breaking the Curse of Evil,” by Paul Levy.

I am reading this now. (A good book, Paul!! Thanks!) It’s a deep book about the evil force within, or wetiko, or the psychic virus, or psychopathy, which has taken over so many people’s minds and is plaguing plenty of those around the world who are in charge or in positions of high power. Everyone is at risk, not just the elite. The wetiko resides within the unconscious and is non-local.

I think this is the same mind virus (psychopathy) that came from the “old universe” which was destroyed, but the virus was carried into this universe eons ago by a few survivors of that universe.


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