South Korean Ferry

I heard on the radio news the night, my time, of the day of the ferry disaster, a survivor told a reporter it felt like the ferry hit something. I don’t know if that was widely reported or not but it’s the kind of key info which is often buried.

NAPPA Spring Photo Contest!

It’s Not About Desert Tortoises

It’s not about Cliven Bundy not paying fees, either. I had to post this because, of course, I am watching this story with keen interest and I am NOT depending on the mainstream media to inform me about what is really going down.

This is not some staged event put on by the controllers and some of their programmed, soulless players/actors so throw that idea out. It’s false.

Oath Keepers and other concerned people have headed out there. I sense that many of these people had lives during the American Revolution and are reincarnated at this time. FWIW.

Do not mistake the soulless ones, and there are many on planet, for those who do have a soul, and therefore, a conscience.


The creepiness level is jacking up on planet again. There’s a grand cross forming in the sky. Extreme tension causes breakdowns — people, situations, things. I can feel this pressure in my chest area.


The alchemical forces at work upon this planet, and therefore us, are many, great and extensive in scope, and are causing people to disintegrate if the forces cannot be held and used for transformation. Ingrained, incorrect belief systems are blocks to transformation. What a person holds dear in their mind may be the exact thing which leads to self-destruction.


He was behind it. He gave the order. He was letting everyone know by coming out very soon after the latest murders at Fort Hood and saying he was “heartbroken.” It’s not worth me mentioning it but it was so clear. I have no idea of what was really going on at Fort Hood this time but the message was clear.

Possible Plague

Possibly authentic and not being hyped by the CDC like other times. (When they hype an illness, one has to question.) Alex Jones was talking about it on Coast last night. He has direct experience. Deaths in his family, deaths of long-time colleagues. He had it and his dad had it. Drug-resistant bacterial pneumonia. I only heard some of what he said. I immediately thought of the source possibly being one of the recent comets. Comet dust hitting the planet. Don’t laugh! Be vigilant with your health.

All Bets Are Off!!

All bets are off this year of 2014. This is the year. I’m not sure why I am saying that but I was sleeping, woke up feeling irritable and the phrase is on my mind. It has to do with where the world is at right now.


It is not like me to do such a thing, to endorse a product for use in Integration, especially not publicly, but I am going to make an exception because of the learned value of what I am about to type.

I have a lot of experience, long-term experience, with this particular gemstone healing necklace and I know that it does facilitate integration and alignment. Integration is vital these days and it’s vital for certain people. One’s integrity must be strengthened and maintained because of the changes happening on planet, wanted and unwanted. I’ve had mine for years (8/07) and had to have it repaired three times because of breakage. It is of the utmost importance to clean it with the recommended water therapy and give it short sunbaths to dislodge the disharmonious energies which accumulate on it from being worn.

It is not an inexpensive therapeutic necklace so it will be out of price range for some. Scroll past the Mission statement of Lavender and then the prices to the Benefits section at the link. Just reading about it has a good effect.

Venezuela in Agony


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